Sizing Chart

Correctly sizing your brim is a simple but necessary step as there are different head sizes and wear styles.

Let’s start with how you’d prefer to rock your brim...

Halo Style: Where your brim is tilted back onto the crown of your head like an angel... Hence the name Halo Style.

Traditional Style: Where your brim is placed slightly above your eyebrows and is parallel to the ground. (give or take a slight tilt in either direction.)

Once you’ve figured out your desired wear style, now you can get to the measuring! Grab yourself a measuring tape or string if you don’t have one. Wrap the measuring tape or string around your head where you want your brim to rest and remember the number. If using a string pinch the string where the end meets the desired length, then hold it up to a tape measure or ruler to find the measurement in centimeters. All of our sizes are measured in centimeters for the most accurate fit.

There is no CORRECT way to wear your brim; it’s really up to you and how comfortable it feels on you. Just keep in mind, the tighter the brim is, the more active you can be and lower the chances of it falling off. The looser the brim is, will make for a more comfortable and relaxed fit.

Most of our hats feature an adjustable liner which enables each hat to size down about 4 sizes. The smallest our hats size down to is a 54 while the largest size is a 60. You’ll find this feature in The Californian, The Himalayan, The Texan, and The Warden. You will NOT find this feature in The Sunny Spot. If you find that you are too small for the sizes of The Sunny Spot, you can find our Universal Hat Size Reducer Foam Tape Insert HERE. To use the adjustable liner built into the hat, simply detach the velcro strap from under the lining of the hat and re-attach it to a spot on the velcro that would make for a tighter fit. Use the images above for reference and let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at

That’s about it! Get out there and rock that Brim! You’re going to break necks everywhere you go.